Training Tips

Training Tips: Running Smart and Safely

by Karl Gruber
Learning how to stay safe during a run will save you from incidents, accidents, trauma or issues that could result in injury. We want to see you come across the finish line healthy, happy and alive, so be aware, be smart and be safe during every one of your training runs and races. Read more

Training Tips: How and Where to Find Running Inspiration

by Karl Gruber
Donít be surprised when or where motivation to run and train comes from! Inspiration can come in many forms and from the most unlikely of sources, so run with it while you can. Read more

Training Tips: Why You Should Run a Few Practice Races

by Karl Gruber
One of the key elements in my long distance training programs is to replace some of the longer weekend training runs with a race of similar distance. Doing some build-up races will more than likely help you feel better during the race and recover better after running 13.1 or 26.2 miles. Read more

Training Tips: Setting Realistic Goals

by Karl Gruber
Whether you are a new or experienced runner, I want you to realize that all runners need to set realistic goals for their training and racing. With this thought in mind, Iíd like to refer you to an excellent self-assessment checklist for any runner. Read more

Itís Okay to Walk

by Chelsea Prior
If youíre thinking about signing up for your first race ever or maybe trying out your first double-digit mile race, donít be afraid to walk. Itís truly okay to walk! Read more

Register for the Marathon

pittsburgh marathon
Interested in joining in on the fun? Register for the Pittsburgh Marathon today!